Book Review: Lock and Key

Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen
Reviews by Amy, Alexa, and Gretchen

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AMY SAYS: Lock and Key begins with Ruby Cooper as she is moving into her sister's house after her mother abandons her. The story is an easy read and does not disappoint if you are expecting the sort of books Sarah Dessen writes. I am a huge fan of Sarah Dessen and I have thoroughly enjoyed every book she has written. The theme of this story is family. You can't choose them, and sometimes you can't stand them, but they are your family. You don't need to be connected by blood; they can be friends or neighbors. I think Sarah has done it again. She somehow always mangages to write books that you need to read with a box of tissues next to you, and somehow that's not a bad thing. This book will make you cry, it will make you laugh, and, most of all, it will make you think.

ALEXA SAYS: Lock and Key is a twisted story of many unforgettable backgrounds. There's Ruby, who's been abandoned by her mother just months before her 18th birthday. The last thing Ruby wants it to be taken under the care of her sister, Cora, and Cora's husband, Jamie. For all Ruby knows, Cora forgot about her early in her college career and only made contact with her every once in a while. But their mother has been keeping something from Ruby, something that will hurt Ruby beyond all measures. Then there is Nate, the golden-boy-next-door, who is keeping something from Ruby, too. Nate's father has a very serious anger issue whose results tend to show up on Nate's body. Through their problems, Nate and Ruby connect and support each other in a unique way that will bring you to your knees. Lock and Key is a story of responsibility, opening up, and finding yourself. I've never read anything so emotionally touching. Dessen has yet to disappoint. To say that this is a sufficient review is a bit of a stretch, but that is simply because I am speechless. Lock and Key is indescribable, to say the least!

GRETCHEN SAYS: Sarah Dessen's newest book is a story of possiblities. After 17-year-old Ruby's mother leaves her, Ruby tries to make it on her own. Discovered just a few months before her 18th birthday, Ruby is sent to live with her older sister who has been out of contact for almost 10 years. This new family, a house in a wealthy neighborhood, and an exclusive private school give Ruby stability, but leave her feeling off-kilter. Does she have anything in common with these people? Although the school assignment on the meaning of family drives the point home a little obviously, sometimes the best families are the ones we make ourselves. This is a quick and enjoyable read, and you will be drawn into Ruby's story as she struggles to find a new place for herself. And, yes, like most Sarah Dessen books, it made me cry.


Steven said...

i love this book it is my new favorte book if u do not have anything to read read this u will love i knoe i did

Steven said...

fab book