20s Night!

Tonight, 17 people came to the Teen Advisory Board's 20s Night event. Everyone seemed to have a good time. We started out with a crossword puzzle of famous people from the 1920s because crosswords were actually a big fad of that decade. Later, I showed everyone some basic moves of the Charleston, which was funny. We had a goldfish eating contest with crackers, not the real thing as they actually did in the 20s! We watched media clips about the stock market crash and the St. Valentine's Day massacre, both of which happened in 1929. Kara also brought in a silent movie to share as well, which was amazing. Some people didn't even know there had been movies without sound! Our snacks for the evening were Good Humor ice cream bars, fruit-flavored Lifesavers, Butterfingers, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, and Baby Ruths, all of which were introduced in the 20s. We made Shirley Temples with 7up, which was also first available in that decade. Since Kara and I were the only people who dressed up, she automatically won the costume contest! Other contest winners included Anas, Arig, and Jasmine. They all got Mike and Ikes and a chocolate bar. I don't know what decade the TAB will do next, but this was a good one!

It's hard to aim the goldfish when you're laughing!

Costumes (My stretch velvet dress actually stretched over my baby bump!)

Our flapper pose

Learning the Charleston

Adding a kick!


masterlinkdj said...

Nice costumes. It's kinda ironic that there was a twenties night tonight, because we're going over the roaring twenties in my American Studies class right now. Heh, Flappers.

-David J.

Gretchen said...

you should have come! although i really can't picture you learning the charleston.

Marissa said...

Awwww great costumes I'm glad we found that dress Kara!!! gretchen your hair looks so cute when did you get it cut?

gretchen said...

last thursday! it was time for a change!!

katie said...

Gretchen, you and Kara look like sisters!:)