Tonight, 36 teens came to the library for our first-ever Japan Night. I can't believe I didn't want to do this event! It was a lot of fun, and everyone was really enthusiastic. Several people even came in costumes. We watched some anime and other Japanese TV, had an anime quiz (Caitlin won a magnetic Naruto dartboard), made origami frogs and samurai hats, and played NES and Wii, among other things. I cooked 8 bags of Ramen noodles on the hotplate, and it wasn't enough! But, luckily, we had tons of other food later in the evening.

Thanks to the Teen Advisory Board and the Anime Club for convincing me that we needed to have Japan Night! Special thanks to Tim for sharing his expertise in all things Japanese and for bringing food from Pei Wei, to Adam for bringing his Wii (and to his parents for letting him), to Caitlin for bringing food and a for bringing great compilation DVD, to Marissa for bringing food, and to Daniel for showing people his crazy origami skills.

Samurai hats!

Fun with Nat's Japanese puzzles.

Lots of great food!


A group photo.


David J. said...

Hey, whaddyaknow. I'm in the distant back of the last picture playing Mario Party DS with Mike (off camera) across the room.
It was a fun night, especially the anime shows. The best videos had to be the Darth Vader ones. (Yay, inside funny!)

gretchen said...

i know, there were all these guys there (for once), and i didn't get you in any of the pictures! sorry!

Melanie R. said...

I can't believe I missed this, I should be coming next time with my friend, and (don't tell anyone) My secret boyfriend. Will come to the anaime club in january on the 25.