Do-It-Yourself Beauty Products Today

Today we are having an after-school drop-in craft program where you can learn to make beauty products out of common household items. Stop by the upstairs programming room between 3:00 and 5:00! If you can't come to the event, or if you want to try some things at home, here are some resources for you:

  1. Beauty product recipies from the last time we did this are listed in this blog post.
  2. Check out some books from the library--look for Beauty Trix for Cool Chix; Makeup: Things to Make and Do; The Girls' Spa Book; Insparation; or The Girls' World Book of Bath & Beauty.

  3. Visit some websites with a vast array of home beauty product recipies, including Kitchen, Crafts 'N' More, Natural Beauty, and Make Your Cosmetics.


meg said...

Wouldn't that technically be tomorrow? (It is still the 18th, I think.) I didn't know you could future-date a post.

Gretchen said...

yeah yeah. i figured it was late and no one would see the blog until tomorrow! even though it says i put it up in the morning, i actually did it at 9 pm!! so yes, you can put any date and time you want on a post.

Marissa said...

im making this blog right now when it says i am... i think im not really sure soooooooooooo tired and finally done finals!!!!!!

Gretchen said...

yay! hope you did well!!

Alaska said...

I could use all these products since beauty saloon...love it so I hope I win !