Beauty and the Beast Sing-Along

Yesterday, 10 teens came out to out Beauty and the Beast movie sing-along! It was our first Disney movie sing-along, and we will definitely have to do it again. We did notice some inconsistencies in the movie; for example, how did Belle get the Beast on the horse after the wolf attack? But it was great fun anyway! Look for another movie sing-along on the winter schedule.


cc said...

yo put some real songs like:no one,teenagers,im a flirt,I mean we are kids we want to listen to things that we like not beaty and the beast!!!!!...PLEAZ

Gretchen said...

people actually requested this event and we had a great time. we have a movie license and can show whatever we want, so if you want to make a real suggestion, feel free. don't just criticize something because it doesn't interest you.