Book Review: The Crazy Horse Electric Game

The Crazy Horse Electric Game by Chris Crutcher

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SUMMARY: The title refers to the game for the Eastern Montana American Legion baseball championship, as the star pitcher, Willie Weaver, leads his team against the powerful squad from Crazy Horse Electric. But the emphasis of the novel shifts quickly away from baseball after Willie suffers a head injury in a water skiing accident. Unable to accept the loss of his athletic prowess, the pity of others, and his parents' troubled marriage, Willie runs away and ends up in the inner city of Oakland, California. After being beaten and robbed by a gang, Willie is rescued by a black bus driver/pimp, who enrolls Willie in a school for troubled youths. (from the School Library Journal review)

OPINION: I have always liked the title of this book, but the actual text did not live up to my feelings for the title. Sad to say, this is not Crutcher at his best. The story took place over several years, but, even so, it felt like too many issues were crammed into the book. It seemed to take forever to make a point, then it ended very abruptly. I did like how Willie, a small-town good old boy in the making, found his place in the hood after his injury. Don't judge Crutcher by this book though. Look for Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes, Whale Talk, or his new one, Deadline, which are all worth your time.

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