SP Night!

Last night, 21 teens came to the library for GameBoy SP Night! Almost everyone participated in our Pokemon tournament. The semi-final rounds were on the big screen, and pitted Conner v. Steven and Maria v. David. Conner beat David in the final big-screen round and got a $10 GameStop gift card. The top 4 players all got movie candy. Conner even beat Will, the event's planner and judge, in post-tournament play! Thanks to Jimmy for bringing in his GameCube so we could have SP Night. I promise we will do it again in the winter. Check out the photos below!


David Jameson said...

I enjoyed pitting my "well trained" pokemon against younger (i think they were all younger) trainers. During the tournament, people enjoyed the exploitations of my GameShark codes. It helped many get special pokemon and items. I hope that there will be another SP night in the near future (I'm posting this on December 13th, 2006... I thought there was going to be another SP night in winter). Sorry for the long post, but i had a lot of fun. :)

PS: talk with me via e-mail; i don't check blogs too often


David Jameson said...

oops, mistype on the e-mail... it's