Book Review: Fanboy and Goth Girl

The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy and Goth Girl by Barry Lyga
***Release Date: October 2, 2006***

Fifteen-year-old Fanboy is a social outcast at school, but his imagination makes up for it: sometimes spinning revenge fantasies against Jock Jerks on The List; other times, contemplating the curves of gorgeous girls; and usually dwelling on Schemata, the comic book creation that rules his private life. That is, until a surprising IM ("Why do you let him hit you?") begins an unlikely alliance with Kyra, aka Goth Girl. They're nothing alike, but she seems to want his companionship, which is more than he can say for his sometimes friend Cal. Suddenly, Fanboy finds himself actually answering Kyra's sharp questions. But can he really trust her with his secrets? And is Kyra being honest with him in return? Fanboy's self-imposed exile from high school life is an authentic portrayal of social awkwardness and insecurity. But his wit, sarcasm, creativity, and obvious passion (for comic books AND girls) are what make him an engaging character in this highly readable book. The cover art may be more attractive to Goth Girls, but this story definitely has guy appeal for Fanboys and others.

Look for it on our shelves soon. Or, ask me if you want to borrow the ARC. Read a book before it's published!!


Anonymous said...

another one? whats that make this number... 4? wow this had better be a really good book. and all this from some cover art and a clever name...

BoredtoDeath said...

I have to read this book to make a good summary for the school newspaper, so far I hate it.... it's so boring, I enjoy reading books like the Black Dagger Brotherhood series... and my stupid teacher is gonna make me read another crappy book (this one)