Dr. Seuss Day Success!

Yesterday, the TAB did our first ever program for younger kids. We coordinated activities to celebrate Read Across America Day, which is always March 2 in honor of Dr. Seuss's birthday. Alexa, Arwa, Kara, Laura, Marissa, Megan, and Sara came to run the different stations. Kids and families dropped in after school, despite yucky weather, to enjoy our event. We made hats, painted faces, read stories, and played Pin the Eggs on the Plate. Our most popular station, though, was the macaroni pictures. There were some real Seussian creations there! (And the TAB rocks at dyeing macaroni...all of the library employees were really impressed with the bright colors.) We had about 25 kids come by during a 2-hour time period, which was great! Thanks, TAB, for all the hard work!

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