Book Review: Played

Played by Dana Davidson

SUMMARY: When one of Ian's boys dares him to get plain-faced Kylie Winship to sleep with him in just three weeks, he thinks it'll be a breeze. Tall and fine, with honey-colored skin and eyes, Ian is used to getting what he wants from girls. And if he succeeds in playing Kylie, he'll be down with the most popular crew in his high school. But this girl, who everyone considers a nobody, is turning out to be more surprising than he ever could have imagined. Kylie has a gut feeling that something's up when Ian Striver starts pursuing her. But how often does one of the hottest guys in school ask you out? Even though she's cautious at first, their relationship heats up quickly, and soon Kylie will have to decide whether to listen to her heart, or her head. (from the inside flap)

OPINION: This book is a romance, but it is devistatingly realistic. It's not all sweetness and light, like some fluffy dime novel. Ian starts talking to Kylie because of a dare, but soon finds out that he actually likes her. Of course, this doesn't mean that he can be with her in front of his friends or even acknowledge her at school. Despite his behavior, Kylie keeps giving him chances because of the way he acts when they are together. He even respects her mom and hangs out with her little siblings. Both Kylie and Ian have to face some harsh realities about themselves and some tough choices about each other. Their decisions aren't always right, but they are authentic. Look for this new book on the shelves!


Anonymous said...

this book reminds me of the movie 'She's All That' with Freedy Prince Jr. dosen't that seem strange? any way i'm still goning to read it!
Amy ;)

Gretchen said...

actually, you're not so far off! i can see the similarities too.

Anonymous said...

This book took me to a advanturous journey, the way Ian was deared in the beggining to have her on and eventually felt he had something more realistic for this person.