Library Survivor

On June 17, we held a Library Suvivor Lock-In from 8:00 to midnight. Forty-four teens competed in many challenges to win points for their tribes, which they named The Red Devils (red), The Dragons (green), Los Diablos (yellow), and The "W" Untitleds (blue). The teams began the evening with a hunting challenge, in which they had to follow clues through a series of books all over the library. Later they participated in other challenges like Tribal Dance, Head Covering,
The Limbo, Bat the Birdie, Medicine Man Trivia, and The Fruit & Chopstick Relay.

The best part of the evening was not the pizza delivery, as you might expect. As it turned out, the most exciting activity was Bite the Bug! The tribes passes a rubber snake around a circle until the music stopped. The person who was holding the snake got to select food from a tray. The foods were legitimate Korean items, and were assigned point values based on their "gross factor." Of course, the highest amount of points were given to the tribe member who would eat the pickled bug!

The members of The "W" Untitleds ate four bugs, which helped them win the entire Library Survivor event! They won water slingshots for their efforts. Everyone got a free movie rental pass and popcorn for participation. We hope to run another Library Survivor or Library Fear Factor event again in the near future.

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