Blackout Poetry was fun!

I am officially blaming all these snow days we've had as why I've not posted up about the blackout poetry event we had two Wednesdays ago. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! Anyway! We had six teens show up to make some blackout poetry crafts! We had on hand old mangas, discarded books and a ton of old magazines to go through, tear up, and scribble over to make new poems from old blocks of text. And in typical fashion, I had my phone in my pocket and forgot to take a single picture! Ah! Well, here's an example I made shortly before the event, at any rate. We had coffee cans and wooden picture frames to decoupage the poems onto! 

Everyone seemed to enjoy the laid-back nature of blackout poetry, and we all chatted while we made poems. I also had my iPod playing for some background noise, and made sure to apologize for my eclectic taste in music that I was subjecting them to. We've got the Random-A-Thon fundraiser coming up this Saturday, and I'll have supplies on hand to make more blackout poetry as well as a ton of other things!

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