Anime Club! Candy sushi! Anime Jeopardy!

Last Wednesday, 13 teens showed up for our first Anime Club meeting of the fall! We started things off with making some yummy candy sushi, then we broke off into four teams to play a few rounds of Anime Jeopardy! The winning team each got a box of Pocky to enjoy while watching the day's selected anime. The group voted from five choices, and Sword Art Online juuuuust won, making it by one vote! We watched the first two episodes before we ran out of time. It was a fun afternoon that was over much too quickly! Also, I was kicking myself for forgetting my phone, so I don't have any pictures of the event! Boo! For anyone that wants to play the home version of Anime Jeopardy, click the link below! It'll let you enter teams, and keep track of the score. You can even edit it to make your own custom game!
Click here to play!
Anime Jeopardy!

Candy sushi! Fruit Roll-Up "nori" wrapped around Rice Krispy treats and gummy worms!
The next Anime Club meeting isn't until November, and I hope to see everyone there again! We'll have more snacks, more trivia and more anime watching!

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