YouTube Viewing Party!

Last Wednesday I had 5 teens show up for our YouTube Viewing Party. While it was a smaller crowd than I expected, each person was able to show two videos instead of the standard one (myself included!). Siaka won the “other” category for “Mike Tompkins sings Paradise”, Ashton won the humor category for “Dumb Ways to Die”, and David won the “movie/animation” category for the Minecraft video “In Search of Diamonds”. The winners all received movie theater-sized candy. Ashton also won best video overall with “Dumb Ways to Die”, earning him gift certificate for 5 free DVD rentals from Redbox. And while Afsara couldn't make it, she sent me a video to play anyway, "This is Engineering", which I thought was hilarious! Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to everyone that participated, it was a lot of fun!

Below is the full list of videos shown at the event:

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