Un-Valentine's Day Party!

Last Wednesday, 16 teens stopped by to partake in our Un-Valentine's Day party! With a mix CD of anti-love songs playing in the background by artists such as Tom Waits and Weird Al, we played some games, ate some snacks, and made some cool looking crafts. First we built little marshmallow shooters out of plastic cups and a balloon, and launched heart-shaped marshmallows at partners who tried to catch them in a cup. After 60 seconds, whichever team caught the most won candy prizes, then we switched launchers and catchers. It was pretty frantic and fun. Then we made some duct tape roses, but out of duct tape options such as black, or black with skulls, and red with black dragons! They came out looking pretty cool! While making the roses I wheeled out some snacks, "broken heart" cookies and "Hershey kisses of death!". We ran into a snag when I tried to play some anti-Valentine's day clips on YouTube, as the wifi was being fickle. Oh well, we still got to watch Adam Sandler sing "Love Stinks" from the Wedding Singer before it refused to cooperate! All in all it was a fun day that went by too fast!

making duct tape roses
the dragon tape came out looking great, and this rose even has leaves!
another rose with leaves that came out great!

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