Nintendo Night!

Last night 19 teens showed up for the Fall Nintendo Night. It was my first time hosting Nintendo Night, and I had a great time. We did the usual Smash Bros Brawl tournament, with seven teams of two. Since there was an odd number of teams, one of the three losing teams in the first round was picked randomly to get a second chance fighting the seventh team. Good thing for David and Siaka, who were eliminated in the first game of the night, but when they were randomly chosen to come back in, they ended up winning the tournament! Each of them got a $20 Gamestop gift card. The teams to come in second and third place won candy.

People were also invited to try their hands at an old-school competition on my NES I brought in, along with a reproduction cartridge of Nintendo World Championships 1990. Each player is given five minutes to get 50 coins in Super Mario Bros., race one lap in Rad Racer, and run out the clock in Tetris. After the five minutes are up the game ends and displays your score, which I recorded in my notebook. Next to the NES I had a high score board display where I could post the current top five players. We had ten people compete. It was a close battle, but David took the top spot at 103, 390 points, getting another $20 Gamestop gift card. The other high scorers won candy. Here's the top five scores of the night:
David     103,390
John E     99,745
Colin       98,140
Owen      96,630
Morgan   95,050
And just for comparison's sake, the actual champion of Nintendo World Championships 1990, Thor Ackerlund, had a score of 2,800,000. Which is insane.

Finally there was a second Wii set up with another projector for free play. The first half of the night it was dominated by Naruto, but for a while there was some Mario Kart Wii going on as well. There will be more gaming events in the upcoming months, so check back soon for more info!

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David J. said...

good show, good show. I was really surprised to win the 1990 Nintendo World Championship replica, as I hadn't practiced and never even seen Rad Racer played.
Also a bit lucky was that 1/3 chance to be returned to the competition with Siaka after being eliminated in the first Brawl match, and then returning 10 fold to win the whole tournament!
Nintendo - leave luck to Heaven.