Disney Mashup!

Last Friday, November 23, 13 teens avoided the craziness of Black Friday and opted instead to enjoy some Disney-themed entertainment at the library! The event began with a Disney YouTube playlist screening, which included submissions which were emailed to me. We had a mix of everything from classic Mickey shorts to songs from Disney movies to Pixar's newer shorts. Lots of variety! That was followed up by screening the Disney animated movie Atlantis: The Lost Empire, which was voted on our Facebook page's poll. It beat out 7 other Disney movies.
I will attempt to embed the Disney playlist that was shown below:

There were snacks and hot chocolate to enjoy during the movie, and I brought cupcakes to give to people that could answer my Disney trivia questions! (The trivia questions were also a great chance to pause a YouTube clip and give it a chance to load up!) Probably my biggest surprise on the trivia was when someone answered the one non-multiple choice questions that I asked, which I really didn't think anyone would know. The question was "Why were Donald Duck cartoons almost banned in Finland?" The answer? Because Donald does not wear pants.

There were other activities to keep busy with, such as a few papercrafts:
Mickey Mouse
Alien from Toy Story

and some coloring pages!

In addition at the last minute I grabbed my SNES and a couple of Disney games I have and hooked it up to a TV and put it in the corner. Aladdin, The Lion King and Mickey Mania were all available to play, and I was happy to see them getting used throughout the event!

All in all it was a good time and think next time there's a movie marathon kind of idea, I'd like to make it a bit more like this one was.

Coloring was popular while the videos were playing!

Papercraft table, with a good looking Mickey!
The last of the cupcakes were given to the best coloring page artists!

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pckMark said...

How lovely!

I am glad to hear that you made kids have a great day at the library. Normally those two things wouldn't go together for a lot of kids i know, including my own boy :)

Have a great day, and best wishes from Denmark!

from www.cghobbyist.com