Duct Tape!

On July 18, we had, not one, but two sessions of our summer duct tape craft and 27 teens attended.  The idea was so popular that I divided it into two groups because otherwise it would have been big and crazy!  I learned that Walmart is the place to buy quantities of duct tape because they sell it for $3.37 per roll, the best price around.  I also found  something there I hadn't seen anywhere else:  mustache duct tape!

Anyway, at the first class, I had a lot of experienced duct tapers, so I let them make their own projects in one area while I taught duct tape basics in another area.  Then, most of the people joined me to make this cute duct tape flower (which we made into a hair clip).  Those who didn't want to make a flower worked on wallets.  At the second class, I had mostly new duct tapers with one professional!  The pro did her own thing while I taught duct tape basics and had everyone make a wallet.

From this experience, I think that I would offer two classes in the future:  beginning duct tape and advanced duct tape!  However, everyone left with at least two finished products (of varying levels) so I'd call that a success for a 1 1/2 hour class.  The duct tape will be out at Craft Closet Cleanout on August 15, so show up for that!

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