Book Grub Grads

On June 1, the high school book group had our last meeting of the school year and celebrated our seniors!  It's such an annual tradition that we don't even read a book for this month.  We just talk about the summer and the seniors' plans for the future, and revisit all of the books we read through the year.  We also gorged ourselves on awesome ice cream sundaes! 

This year, we graduated Emily, Jasmine, Tyria, Shannon, Anas, Katie, and Sarah from the group.  Some of those readers have been in our library book groups since elementary school, others joined just this year.  But however long they've been a part of the group, we're always sad to see them go!  Luckily, most of them will be around for the summer.  And, for those not moving away, we actually have a new book group for 18-20somethings that is full of high school book group grads.

The high school book group

Acting silly

Most of our seniors, minus two who were doing prom stuff (prom was the next day).

Why are they fanning him with the book group papers?

I have no idea what this was about...!

The freshmen wanted their own group picture!

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