Book Review: Fallen by Lauren Kate

The last book I read before this was Beautiful Creatures. After the somewhat horrible ending to that, I was ready for something else. But when I read the back of Fallen, I thought I would be reading the same thing. I, as I often am, was wrong.
Fallen tells the dystopian (why is everything dystopian nowadays?) tale of Lucinda Price who has (possibly) been the reason for the death of her friend, Trevor. She has been sent to Sword & Cross, a reformatory school for teens. There, the live triangles (SHOCKER!) start. Luce must choose between cute, smooth Cam (who sounds like he's the beachy blonde type but he isn't) and Daniel (who sounds tall, dark and handsome but is only the former and the latter) who flips her off on their first encounter.
On top of her brewing love triangle, Luce must worry about the shadows that cause so much trouble in her life. When they take the life of the new kid Todd, things start to get crazy at Sword & Cross. Cam and Daniel get in fights (sound like Twilight much?) that are pretty violent and Luce decisions are much more difficult. She begins to sway toward Daniel though when she has dreams of him in an angelic state.
Can Luce discover things about the twisted and mysterious past of Daniel? Does it involve her? Will Cam turn out to be sweet like he came on or turn into something worse? Will Luce EVER get out of Sword & Cross? Don't expect me to tell you! Go get Fallen today!

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