Book Review: Forgotten

Forgotten by Cat Patrick
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If you've ever been disappointed or unhappy with a situation, someone has probably told you that "tomorrow is a new day."  You can always start over, work harder, or try to fix a problem.  But, what if tomorrow really was a new day?  What if you woke up every day with no memory of anything in your past, only things to come in your future?  That is the case for 16-year-old London Lane, who writes herself notes every night so she can lead a normal life.  Trying to stay under the radar at school works for London until she meets Luke, a handsome new boy who is very interested in her.  I kind of expected this book to turn into some kind of government dystopia, with Luke trying to gain her confidence and turn her over to the authorities.  Instead, this book took some very unexpected turns and dealt with interesting questions about family and relationships.  For me, Luke ended up being a little too perfect in his role of boyfriend.  However, he definitely deserves to be a book crush!  A realistic fantasy, Forgotten is a quick read that will make you imagine "what if..."

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