Teen Summer Reading Winners, Week 8

It's already Monday again, and time for a new batch of winners.  We have five of our own, and another one for the county drawing!  You still have three more weeks to earn prizes here, so don't delay turning in your slips.  The county also has two more prizes to give away before the end of the month:  another Nintendo DS Lite and a Barnes and Noble Nook eReader!!  Summer reading ends on August 27...just in time for school to start.

This week's winners:

Tu, grade 9
won a hardcover book, a card game, and candy.

Jasmine, grade 8
won a hardcover book, mini highlighters, and candy.

Fatima, grade 9
won a hardcover book, a stretchy book cover, and candy.

Josiah, grade 7
won a gift certificate for a free 16” cheese pizza from Jano’s Italian Pizza Kitchen in Drexel Hill.

Quentin, grade 11
won a $10 gift card to GameStop.

Noella, grade 10
won a Nintendo DS Lite from the Delaware County Library System in the county-wide drawing.

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