Uno Tournament

Last Wednesday, 23 people showed up for our after-school Uno Tournament.  To make it more fun, everyone got to pick their group for the first rounds.  I mean, it's no fun if you can't compete with your friends, right?!  The first two winners from each table advanced to the semi-finals, and then the first two winners from the semi-finals advanced to the final round.  As people left the tournament, they could continue playing Uno or choose other board or card games.  (And, as usual, the Yu-Gi-Oh guys brought their own cards along.)  The final game was among Janae, Warren, Billy, and Zaynah. There had been much trash talking on Facebook, and Warren backed up his claims with victory!  He won candy and a $10 gift card to Wawa.  The other three finalists each got a card game, and everyone who played in the semi-finals got candy.  It was so much fun, we have to do it again sometime!

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