Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament

Since the Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card game has become popular again, several members of our weekly Gaming Club have been asking me to have a tournament. We used to do a lot of tournaments, but it has been a few years since our last one, so I decided to give it a try. Last Friday, 11 players and 2 judges showed up for our tournament. Most of them were from our Gaming Club, but there were a few new faces. It was a small group, but some of the early gameplay took forever! Thanks to Alex F. and David J. who put up with a lot as our judges. We got through two rounds of three games each, but we actually had to suspend the tournament in the middle of the finals and resume it at Gaming Club on Monday! After all of that, Alex C. emerged as the winner and got a $15 gift card to Toys R Us to buy some new cards. Our top three finishers also included Jamie M. and John E., who each won candy for their efforts. It was fun to try this again, so thanks to everyone who showed up to duel and judge!

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Taj1021 said...

Heh *points at self* Im sorry but im to blame for that. *shurgs* but hey i stood my ground and dueled great it was a battle of the ages...or hours. The tornament was a great succses and I think we should have another. *reaches for deck* heh I lost the battle but not the war.