Thanks to Our Summer Sponsors

I just wanted to give one last public thank-you to our teen summer reading program sponsors for 2009. We couldn't have had such a great summer without their support!

We gave away a lot of books this summer. We stocked our prize cart with paperbacks and used hardbacks for weekly and end-of-summer prizes. Four publishers provided donations of books:

Several local businesses provided us with food for prizes and programs:

Finally, we had a lot of other support:

  • Delaware County Library System provided us with the iPod Shuffle for our Prize Party, as well as a lot of summer reading materials like bookmarks, pins, and posters
  • Six Flags Great Adventure gave us two tickets for our Prize Party
  • The Brandywine River Museum gave us two tickets for our Prize Party
  • Wynnewood Lanes gave us six tickets for our Prize Party
  • Nancy Hallowell, director of Sellers Library, let me exceed my summer budget when we needed more books to give away on the prize cart
  • The Sellers Library Teen Advisory Board contributed $50 to our Winter in July program
  • Genni planned all of our summer crafts
  • Kara, Marissa, and Caitlin ran our Project Runway fashion program

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katie said...

Thank you everyone!!!!!!!!