Nintendo Night

Last Friday evening we hosted Nintendo Night, our Teen Tech Week kick-off event! An amazing 32 people showed up to enter our Super Smash Bros. Brawl tournament on the Wii, and enjoy free play on another Wii and my original NES. We also organized a Pokemon tournament for DS users during the event! This is the first time we have ever set up two Wiis in one room, so I really appreciated everyone's patience and helpfulness when we had some crossover interference.

After many rounds, Mike emerged as the winner of the Brawl tournament and won a $25 gift card to GameStop. Maher came in second and won a $10 card. Everyone in the final four (Mike, Connor, Maher, and David) got candy. In the Pokemon tournament, David was victorious and won a $10 GameStop card. The final two in this tournament, Katie and David, also got candy.

Thanks to a Teen Tech Week Mini-Grant sponsored by YALSA and the Verizon Foundation, we were able to purchase new games and accessories for our Wii system to make Nintendo Night amazing!

Guitar Hero was a big hit with everyone.

Anyone can rock!

Some guys playing in the Brawl tournament, playing DS, or just watching.

A group tries out Mario Party 8.

Tournament and DS play happening in the same space!

Katie brought her crocheted Pokemon to display at Nintendo Night. Aren't they cool?


Taj1021 said...

Man gretch..................
That party was way cooler than my sister's talent show whens the next.

P.S. Im buying a charazard and lucario.

katie said...

lol I look terrible in pics that i have no idea i'm in.

Tommy, I'll probably have your dolls by next monday. Maybe just one of them next Monday.