Book Crush!

Last Friday, 17 people came out to celebrate their love for fictional characters at the Teen Advisory Board's Book Crush party! It was so much fun to hear everyone's crushes, opinions, and reactions. We played book crush bingo (really an excuse to eat chocolate), made beaded bookmarks with a crush's name on them, wrote personal ads for our crushes, and decorated heart balloons. Of course there was lots of food, and lots of discussion of book boys! We even had one brave guy at the event, who knew a lot about Bella Swan and the whole Twilight series, and was absolutly hilarious about it. Also, Kaitlyn came dressed as a character from the Uglies series, complete with crash bracelets and face tattoo. It was completely pretty-making. At the end, people were reluctant to leave, and I finally had to shoo everyone out at about 8:45. I'd say it was a success! Except that I forgot my camera, so you'll just have to take my word for it.

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katie said...

Gretchen, you have forget-your-camera-phobia. lol! I was really proud of you for remembering to bring your camera to the princess party. You must remember to bring your camera to nintendo night.