Nintendo Night

Last Friday, 27 teens packed our programming room for our fall Nintendo Night event. Everyone entered the Super Smash Bros. Brawl tournament on the Wii, and 11 people tried the Mario Kart DS tournament. We also had fun with my original NES, especially since John E. brought his gun for Duck Hunt! After five rounds, Maher emerged victorious in the Brawl tournament, winning a $15 gift card to GameStop. In the Mario Kart tournament, Connor S. won a $10 gift card to GameStop.

Big thanks to Katie E., who displayed her crocheted Nintendo characters on the mantel for everyone to see. She has been working on them all fall, and made them all without a pattern. My favorites are the mushroom and the star, but they all looked great! I will get a picture of them on here soon. Thanks also to David for providing controllers and the Brawl game for the tournament.

If you missed this program, we will do another Nintendo Night in the winter with a new structure, so stay tuned!


David J. said...

Can't wait for the Winter one!

katie said...

Not just all Fall did i work on them, but all summer 2, and some in the spring. I worked on them the most in fall. In the summer I hardly worked on them b/c of Summer Stage and Spring was ending when i started them.

Anyway, enough making every1 dizzy and confused. lol! I am very much looking 4ward 2 the nintendo nite in the Winter! (even though i stink 2 death at the brawl and Maria Cart DS tournaments).

Thanks Gretch 4 hosting this ninetendo nite! and thank u 2 all those who provided controllers ect. we could not have done it with out u!

martha said...

Another Nintendo Night in the winter?
We sure are moving right along, aren't we! Can't wait!