Nintendo Night

Last night, 28 teens came out for our quarterly Nintendo Night. It was crazy, so I was really glad that Beth and I were there together!!

We did two new things at this event. First, we switched our big-screen tournament from Super Smash Bros. Melee to Brawl, and we did a team battle. We randomly assigned pairs for the battle, and, as luck would have it, David and Maher were teamed up. Everyone fought valiantly, especially Martha and Mike P. in the final battle, but David and Maher were victorious. They each got a $15 gift card to GameStop. All four of the top finishers also got candy.

The other new thing we did was replace the Pokemon DS tournament with a Mario Kart DS tournament. 16 people entered the DS tournament this time, so I think the change was helpful. Connor S. beat Mike P. in the final to win a $10 GameStop gift card. The top four finishers, which included Mike R. and David, also got candy.

As usual, my old NES was popular. Everyone tried the Mario games, but for some reason people always end up playing Jeopardy. Go figure!

We will do this again in the fall, so stay tuned. Meanwhile, join our Monday afternoon Gaming Club. Summer membership is open until June 16.

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David J. said...

I had a lot of fun, and was pretty surprised I got to the semi-finals of the Mario Kart DS tournament when that was only the second time I'd played it.
I noticed a few people who'd just got their copy of Pokemon Dimaond or Pearl were a little sad that the Pokemon tournament was replaced. I hope we can have another Pokemon tournament when Pokemon Platinum comes out in America (probably around Christmas time since it's close to being announced in Asia right now). I have a feeling it'll revive Pokemon like Emerald kinda did for Ruby and Sapphire.