Cleaning the Craft Closet

Last night, 9 teens came to our first-ever Craft Closet Cleanout program. There were a lot of leftovers from previous DIY craft programs, including this year's Toolbox Jewelry, Pimp My Phone, and Crafts for Your Hair events. I even managed to help one guy make a duct tape holder for his DS without any actual directions. He didn't even have the DS with him, but the case turned out really well! Everyone went home with several new crafts and I got rid of leftover stuff. So everybody got something out of this event!! We will do this again at the end of July.

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katie said...

Yays! That was so much fun last night! Especially when I wouldn't stop laughing (btw, that was Jasmine's fault) and when Martha was wearing her hair tie that she made and all the beads came falling out.

Katie E.