TAB Thanks!

Thanks to 6 TAB members, we had a successful Saturday!

Thanks to Kara and Marissa for accompanying me to Cool Stuff/Effin Comics in Drexel Hill for Free Comic Book Day. We gave away bookmarks, highlighted the library's graphic novel collection, and had people show us their library card to win a superhero poster.

Thanks to Shelby, Meg, Tyria, and Katie for staffing the library's yard sale. The yard sale made about $100, so that's $50 for TAB summer programs.


Adriana said...

Gretchen, did you happen to get a copy of the Umbrella Academy by Gerard Way? I couldn't get to the comic store on Saturday, and my friend and I really wanted to read The Umbrella Academy.

Gretchen said...

i didn't! i'm so sorry! i heard all the buzz about it, but negelected to think to pick them up.