90s Night!

I think 90s Night was the best event we've had all summer!! What a great way to end our summer teen programs. Tonight, 24 teens showed up to celebrate the 90s.

A lot of people were really creative with their costumes. We had everything from Kris Kross to The Spice Girls to Jay and Silent Bob! Prizes were awarded to Laura and Tyria for best costumes, as well as to Megan for the closest spelling of "fahrvergnugen"and to Kara for matching the advertising slogans to products. Special thanks to Kara, too, for bringing excellent 90s artifacts like Pokemon cards and a Steve Urkel doll that still talks!!!

We did tons of stuff just two hours. We watched a few videos, some clips from VH1's "I Love the 90s," and finished with a 10-minute clip from Wayne's World. In between, we did dances, made "U Can't Touch This" slap bracelets, took an advertising slogan quiz, and took cheesy Mentos photos. We also ate 90s theme food: Snapple, Go-Gurt, string cheese, Hershey's Hugs, and muffins. And my crowning achievement, mini-bagels cut in half with strawberry cream cheese...to represent Mike Tyson's infamous chomp on Evander Holyfield's ear!!
Check out the photos below. I put up a lot because they were so good!!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh my god that sounds like so much fun! I have a blog dedicated to the nineties because I love the nineties. I wished I was there. Weep.