Poetry Slam Success!

Last night, 18 teens came to our first ever TAB Poetry Slam. It was competitive, and nine brave teens shared their poetry with the group. We had poems about everything imaginable: friends, enemies, love, racism, and...dragons?! And, as the sacrificial first poet, I read my excellent narrative poem from seventh grade, called "The Great Pork Chop Eating Contest."

Our three judges did their best to be fair and impartial with the variety of poetry presented. Alexa was the emcee, and did a great job as the hostess with the mostest! Shakira scored the most points for her poem "Black and White," and won a $25 Barnes & Noble gift card. Other poets won funny prizes in categories like "Most Warm and Fuzzy," "Most Angry," and "Most Nonconformist." It was fun, and I hope we can do it again sometime!


marissa said...

Gretchen if its ok with some of the poets, could you poast some of the poems read?

Gretchen said...

I wish I had the poems! People just read their own out loud from their notebooks and stuff. If some of the poets like Caitlin or Maria want to put their stuff up on the blog, that would be excellent, though.