Winter Teen Schedule

Hey Everyone!

The TAB is thinking about events for the months of January, February, and March. Here are some ideas for winter teen events:
  • Monopoly Tournament
  • Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament
  • Anti-Valentine's Day Party
  • Karaoke and Donkey Konga Night
  • DDR Party
  • Dr. Seuss program for younger kids

Do you have any more ideas? Respond to this post, email Gretchen, or talk to Gretchen in the children's room!


Freya said...

and saying, yo, heres some ideas:

The Jimi Hendrix Experience Night -we can play music by Jimi Hendrix, look at some DVD footage involving him AND other Guitar Players (Jimi was friends with Eric Clapton) And, Test the Digitech Jimi Hendrix Experience Pedal, which makes you sound JUST LIKE Jimi Hendrix (This can be taken outside...maybe...yesh, you can muff the guitar so it wont be soo loud, this is only for EMaria here lectric Guitars).

The Beatles and the Doors Night - We can play both Doors and Beatles music and the Paul is Dead rumour and the 'Five to One' myth. And, What happened to Jim Morrison? and Riders on the Storm (The Band, who was originally known as The Doors of the 21st Century who were formally known as The Doors minus Jim and John).

Broadway Night - We can play Music from Broadway and movie clips from movies that made to the big screen (Little Shop of Horrors...cough).

Dance like Crazy Rock Stars Night - Wanna dance Like Joe Cocker? Jim Morrison? Sha-Na-Na? or any other Rock Star/Person that dances pretty strangely (Hip-Hop dancers dont come cuz we're not doing Usher ok?) Come to Dance like Crazy Rock Stars Night!

Chinese New Year Party - Celebrate Chinese New Year at the library and Party.

Doll Night (For both Teen and Children) - Bring your doll and celebrate for the Japanese Doll Day (Or Girl Day, Which is usually on March 3rd).

School Spirit Night - Show your School Spirit and Party.

Woodstock Night - Talk about Woodstock '69 , Woodstock '94 , and Woodstock '99, Chill out and learn about each one (No Woodstock from Peanuts gang! :P)

Black History Night - Learn about Black History, The Segregation, the Black Music, Negro Billboards, etc.

Groundhog Day - Little Kids can dress up around Groundhog day and make skits based ON the Groundhog, Phil.

True Punk Night - Talk about Sex Pistols and other great Punk Bands and some clips from the Sid and Nancy Movie Yo!

Gangsta Night - Learn about the beginning of Gangster, Hip-Hop and all.

Major Cities Night - Wanna hear about Boston, New York, Los Angeles, and Seattle? Why they're Important? Come!

Live Aid and Live 8 Night - Look at clips from both Live Aid and Live 8, Understand why did Live Aid began, and Live 8 began, African Poverty, So, Whos going to take YOU home?

Myserious Night - Did Curiosity really DID kill the cat? Something Strange is going on here...So lets Party about it! yo!

60's Night - Jefferson Airplane, The Doors, the Beatles, Woodstock, Hippies, Elvis, Black People getting Freedom, Outbreak of Drugs, Jimi Hendrix, Groovy Busses, PCCs, Janis Joplin, Crosby, Stills, and Nash, Buffalo Springfield, Country Joe McDonald, Joe Cocker, Sly and the Family Stone, ALL OTHER GOOD 60's STUFF AND PARTIES ALL AT 60's NIGHT YO!

Card Games Night - Play Card games, get food, and be bored.

Cartoon Night - Look at Vintage Cartoons, The Smurfs, The Jackson Five, The Beatles, Mighty Hercules, Space Ghost, etc.

Anime Night(Japanime Night) - Look at Japanese Anime, Cosplay, eat Japanese Food, How Well do you know your Anime? etc.

Studio Ghibli Night - Look at Movies Directed by Studio Ghibli, "Princess Mononoke", "Spirited Away", "Whisper to the Heart"(Or something like that), "Go Panda Go", "NausicaƤ of the Wind", "My Neighbor Totoro".

Doctor Who/Star Trek Night - Just like at the Philadelphia Conventions, Doctor Who and crazy Star Trek fans come together and talk about both shows and Party.

Parody Movies - Look at Parody Movies and Laugh your heads off!

Stuffed Animal Night - Bring your stuffed animal and chill.

Disney Night - Look at Disney Movies, AND some of your favourite Disney songs in Different Languages!

France Night - Learn all about France and the language!

And that is All of the Ideas I have! Man...Is THIS going to be Congested!

Gretchen said...

Maria, you are a one-woman event machine! Seriously. You just did more thinking than I have in months!!!

Freya said...


Metal Mania Night - Hear about all Metal Bands that defined the Genre of Metal, Match the Black Sabbath singers to their correct eras, and Whos Metal and who is not?

Goth Night - Learn about the Subculture of Goth, What is Goth and what is not, Gargoyles, and More!

Techno Pop night - Dance to the Music to Techno, Electronica, and...Depeche Mode! Yah

Guitar Accessories/effects Night - Learn about all the different Equipment for an Electric Guitar and effects From Pedals to Picks, To Pick-ups to Feedback. Its all here!

British Bands Night - Learn about Sex Pistols, Robbie Williams, and The Who, and other Bands.

Dog Night - Understand different breeds of Dogs, the groups, and *maybe* the Talking Real-life Actual dog!

Hershey Night - Learn about Hershey candies and how many are there and how it all began yeah, this seriously saves a 2 hr. trip to a amusement park.

Carnivore Plants - Learn about most of the Carnivore Plants that eat things, including them species that eat mice too!

The 90s Night - Pokemon, Furby, Zubah Pants, Vintage 90 Commercials, RICOLA!!!! Its all here!

JPop Night - Listen to JPop and Performances by JPop people.

Horror Movies Night - Look at Clips from Vintage Horror Movies like, King Kong(If its considered), the Original Gozilla Movie, etc.

British Comedy Night - Look at some British Comedy shows like, Monty Python, Fawlty Towers, Father Ted, etc.

Thats all the Ideas I have for now, oh yeah, Change the Anti-Valentines Day party to "I HATE HALLMARK NIGHT!"