Book Review: Talk

Talk by Kathe Koja

SUMMARY: When Kit Webster is cast as the male lead in the school play, Talk, he expects to escape his own life for a while and become a different person. What he gets instead is the role of a lifetime: Kit Webster. The play is controversial, and the parents put pressure on the school to shut it down. When Kit and the cast/crew rally to save Talk, they find themselves deep into a battle for the truth: onstage, and inside themselves. (adapted from the inside flap)

OPINION: This book is short, but really engaging. The chapters are told in alternating voices by the male and female leads of the play, Kit and Lindsay, with pages of the play's script periodically included between chapters. The stream-of-consciousness writing style will grab your attention, even through difficult dicussions about censorship, coming out, unrequited love, and friendship. This book is slim but satisfying.

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