Don't Ask Alice

Did you know that the famous diary Go Ask Alice is really just anti-drug propaganda written by adults, including Beatrice Sparks? Beatrice Sparks wrote several other fake diaries about issues like teen pregnancy, AIDS, and homelessness. To find out more, read some of the negative reviews on Amazon or visit the Snopes urban legend article about the book.


x0tabbycat0x said...

Poof. I read that book. Sounded authentic but..whatever. I'm sure it's close neough to the real thing.

Gretchen said...

I've read it too! I think almost every teen or former teen girl in America has read it. But there are better YA books about drug addiction that aren't so preachy.
Try _Crank_ by Ellen Hopkins, _Smack_ by Melvin Burgess, _Beauty Queen_ by Linda Glovach, or just read Kurt Cobain's _Journals_.