Redwall Feast and Fun

On August 5, 15 teens attended the Redwall Feast and Fun event. We solved Redwall puzzles, build catapults, watched an episode of the Redwall cartoon, and ate a lot of food! The feast table included Otter Hotroot Stew, Onion Shrewbread with Bee Butter, Banana 'n' Raisin 'n' Chocolate Chip Loaf, Fruit with Meadowcream, Spiced Cupcakers, Chocolate Abbotcake, Spiced Leaf Cookies, Peachy Lemon Iced Tea, and Strawberry Cordial. Needless to say, that was the best part of the evening!

If you missed this fabulous feast, here are some links you can check out:
This is the official website of Redwall. Find out anything you want to know, including how to send fan mail to Brian Jacques!
This is a webzine devoted to Redwall. Check out their stories, as well as their Fun and Games link.
Find a Redwallish insult at this site. Just choose the length and click!
Dibbuns Against Bedtime (DAB) is a great Redwall site that you can join. Go into the Great Hall to test your knowledge or look at art, or just get recipes from the Kitchen.
Read a biography of Brian Jacques, as well as an interview.

You also might be interested to read the books in chronological order:
Lord Brocktree
Martin the Warrior
The Legend of Luke
Outcast of Redwall
Mariel of Redwall
The Bellmaker
The Pearls of Lutra
The Long Patrol

Don't forget to check out this Redwall news flash:
A new Redwall book is coming out in September, called Rakkety Tam! The publisher writes: “The most captivating Redwall novel yet! There has never been a Redwall hero quite like Rakkety Tam, the roguish Highlander squirrel who sets off for Mossflower Wood on a mercenary errand and loses his heart to the charms of Redwall Abbey. And there’s never been a villain quite like Gulo the Savage: a vicious beast-eating wolverine who descends upon the Abbey in search of a relic called the Walking Stone. Readers will cheer at the return of the Long Patrol, the antics of a renegade vole thief, and the emergence of a new champion to wield the sword of Martin. As fans of Brian Jacques and the bestselling Redwall series know, the adventures just keep getting bigger and better.”

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