Cowboy Poetry Night

Many people like poetry, but few have heard of cowboy poetry! It started with cowboys telling stories around the campfire. Sometimes they would make them rhyme or turn them into songs. Over time, cowboy poetry became an art form. Just like the sonnets of Shakespeare or Edgar Allan Poe's poetry, you can now check books of cowboy poetry out of the library.

On July 19, some teens enjoyed Cowboy Poetry Night. Only they were all female, so it was really Cowgirl Poetry Night! Anyway, we had a great time, especially Alexa who dubbed herself "Hootin' Tootin' Heidi" and used a fake western accent all night. The participants wrote four different kinds of poems at the stations: free verse, rhyming, six-line poems, and western Mad-Libs. Then we enjoyed trail snacks, including cow pie cookies, around the "campfire" while we read our poems. The teens voted for a poem of Ashley's to win the prize for best cowboy poem.

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