School Supplies Blog Poll

For the past two weeks, in honor of back-to-school shopping, our blog poll has asked readers to vote for their favorite school supply. Mechanical pencil was the overall favorite, with 17 out of 49 votes. Here are the complete results:

regular pencil--4 (8%)
mechanical pencil--17 (34%)
black pen--9 (18%)
blue pen--6 (12%)
another color of pen--0 (0%)
gel pen--2 (4%)
erasable pen--1 (2%)
highlighter--0 (0%)
black Sharpie--4 (8%)
colored Sharpie--4 (8%)
My choice wasn't listed--2 (4%)

1 comment:

Phil said...

This poll matches my preferences exactly! I found a site that recently reviewed what they call The Best Mechanical Pencil Ever. Check it out at www.schoolsupplyreviews.com