New Brent Hartinger Book!

Grand & Humble by Brent Hartinger
Release Date: February 1, 2006

Yesterday, I finished reading an ARC (advance reading copy) of Brent Hartinger's new book Grand & Humble. It is told in alternating chapeters by two high school boys, Harlan and Manny. Harlan is popular, athletic, and the son of a senator; Manny is a theater geek and son of a single father. They don't know each other, but they are having similar premonitions about accidents and death. Panic attacks and nightmares become commonplace for both boys, until they discover the solution at the downtown intersection of Grand and Humble. This book is a psycholgical thriller, but it is not scary. How is that possible? Visit Brent's website to find out more and to read the first chapter!

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Kara said...

I love Brent! His books are just so enjoyable, and he is the nicest guy. I need to read this book!