Nutrition Websites

For many Americans, the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas are spent overeating. Even if you don't celebrate those holidays, you know how tempting sweets and junk food can be.

To learn more about nutrition and healthy eating, why not play some games? Lots of websites have excellent games where you can have fun and learn something at the same time.

Here are my favorites game pages:

If you just need nutrition information, try


Freya said...

Is the Dole 5 a Day thing related to Bob Dole or Dole the Ice Cream?

Gretchen said...

a. I don't want to know what Bob Dole takes "five a day" of.

b. Dole is a fruit and veg company. You know, bananas and lettuce and stuff.

c. I checked their website. It plays trippy music about the "goodness of the earth" when you load it: http://www.dole.com/

d. They do have some frozen fruit items, like fruit popsicle things, but no ice cream. Weirdest thing they market: fresh flowers.