What a great school!

Since we've been talking about banned and challenged books, I thought this would be appropriate. I found this on Brent Hartinger's (author of The Geography Club and Last Chance texaco) Livejournal. I'll let you see what it's all about.
I just thought it was awesome what this school did, and what authors did to help.
Oh, and if you have a livejournal account, I suggest adding Brent as a friend. He always has a lot of funny stories about being an author and book tours. You'll also get all the latest info on upcoming releases, straight from him! If you can't already tell, he's one of my favorite authors.
That's all from me. ^^

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Gretchen said...

that's totally amazing. it would be REALLY hard to refuse a 3 million dollar donation!! it is great to see a school that supports its students and teachers that way. they are, unfortunately, rare.