The lion the witch and the wardrobe

For those of you who don't know an awesome movie is coming to theaters this December
The Lion the witch and the wardrobe. This movie is based on one of C.S. Lewis' books of the series the chronicles of Narnia. My personal favorite is the last in the series the Last battle. This book was my second favorite and I am sooooooooooooooo glad Disney decided to make a newer movie for it. For anybody who hasn't heard of this book or seen the movie previews here's a little about it:
4 orphans come to live in a mansion with their uncle during the time of world war 2
One of them Lucy finds a wardrobe that opens up to the magical world of Narnia.
I haven't read it in a few years but it's really good so I'm gona read it again before the movie comes out.

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Gretchen said...

I am really excited about this movie! It opens Dec. 9...too long to wait! My second grade teacher read us this book, and I have loved it ever since. My favorite book in the series, however, is _The Horse and His Boy_.