the actual book discussion group book!

Hey for any one in YA discussion group, I need your opinion
Oh and sorry Gretchen for the uprise, lol
This month the book we were all soposed to read is call Ironman
So now tell me did any one read this?
Based on the people I asked the answer was “no”
The book of this month’s discussion has actually become…

Rebel Angels!!!
This book is the sequal to the book we read last month (A Great and Terrible Beauty) and a really good one!
Anyway gtg
And excuse my spelling,


Gretchen said...

I know. Arwa and Sara practially attacked me the other day wanting to know if I had read it yet. So I'd better finish it before Friday's meeting!!!

WhiteMystik said...

if u guys didnt wanna read IRONMAN, then u shudnt hav picked it, n e ways, u made a mistake if u didnt read it, its an amazing book, hes an amazing author, nd it really pisses me off!